Summertime Fun & Skin conundrums

It’s now officially summer and the only thing the kids really want to do is soak up some sun and play all day outdoors. Luckily for us we live where you vacation, on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Known for its sand, sea and extensive woodlands our island offers us locals many outdoor activities for all ages be they paid or free to residents. We have considered ourselves beach folk for quite some time now and never miss an opportunity to venture out to explore and feel the white, soft sand wedged between our toes. There is a downside to all the fun and enjoyment for my pair of thirties as like many children they suffer with built in allergies.

The summer sun exacerbates their pre-existing skin conditions and boy does it cause them to be in great discomfort.

From my previous posting you would have seen that I took the munchkins to the beach. Though it was a fun filled day I came home with multiple insect bites and my son suffered an extreme skin flare up. I darn near had a full-fledged panic attack because his skin and scalp looked as though the plague had engulfed him. I thought at first what type of disaster is this? What happened? Did I give him something to eat that I shouldn’t have?? After the initial freak out I composed myself and gathered my thoughts and did what moms of the millennium do, Google of course lol. To my astonishment and great relief it appeared to be just an eczema flare-up due to the heat and sun exposure. We don’t own a personal vehicle as you may have already surmised by my previous posting; as such the venture to the beach via the public thoroughfare was filled with tremendous sun exposure. It didn’t help much that the humidity in the air was quite thick and we ended up quite soaked in sweat. Though I was quite confident in my research I still wanted an expert opinion and ventured with the pair in tow to the pharmacy. As luck would have it, the best pharmacist on the island was on duty! (She is as far as I am concerned as her suggestions worked rapidly yielding phenomenal results.) She suggested that we use a mild soap (we chose Cetaphil cleanser) to calm the irritation coupled with a refill of his previous prescription of Econaderm-HC.

My little man though not fully recovered is on his way, and the itching has minimalized greatly! He doesn’t appear to be a chimp foraging for food in his hair anymore. I now have my sweet amazing wild child back!

Summer is a time for great fun but we must be very vigilant as our little ones may suffer greatly from the sun and heat exposure. But, fear not moms I have a few tips and tricks along with a few products we can use to beat the heat and the summer itch. For the record, I am not being paid to advertise any of these products I just find them to be really effective and maybe you could try to see how your little ones react. Please take the time though to consult with your tiny tots’ paediatrician and or your friendly pharmacist or family doctor. My pair love the beach and all that comes with it but I don’t necessarily love all the bodily reactions they experience resulting from the constant exposure. As such, here I provide my go-to list to quell their discomfort.


  • Cetaphil- They have an extensive line of products that aid greatly in the calming of atopic dermatitis and eczema. These products tend to be mild on even the most sensitive skin and they truly do help with the rash irritation. The cleanser is great for all over the body usage; it calms the redness and irritation. Coupling it with the Restoraderm  moisturizer gives their skin a soft feel true to the phrase as smooth as a baby’s bottom.
  • Aloe Vera and Tuna Plants- These are natural remedies that when sliced may be applied directly to sun burnt skin to aid in the relief of pain and discomfort.
  • Over the counter Antihistamine- these are perfect to relieve the itch that accompanies skin irritation.
  • Water and lots of it! Dehydration is very real and comes on quickly in the summer time due to the heat. Always keep the children hydrated so they won’t suffer heat exhaustion.
  • If all else fails consult your doctor for prescriptions to help remedy their discomfort.


Until next time, my pair of thirties and I bid you adeiu! 🙂



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