Motherhood; the choices, the struggles, the victory!

Must there always be a battle between the feminist woman and the stay at home mom? I mean is life really that black and white? I quite like having my cake and eating it too. Of course at an appropriate time, empty calories have a way of creeping up on you like a thief in the night! I read all these different blogs of feminist women toting about not being a sacrificial mother anymore. Women, taking the bull by the horns and working whilst maintaining their motherly grounds, to some extent. Women burning at the stake the old time image of motherhood. Then there are the mothers who sacrifice it all. Their bathroom time is no longer a time of great privacy but a time of screaming, storytelling toddlers. Mothers who spend most of their day tending to their little rugrats in my case my pair of thirties. Mothers who are so consumed by their motherly duties that they forget to take a shower, eat, sleep until they press the emergency button and hard!

I mean, as women I say be it all! Why must we be forced to choose? There are some days where I want to be a granola eating, gluten free, healthy lifestyle mom who puts my children before all else. Other days I want to be a powerful business woman whilst juggling motherhood well enough to be envied by most. My sister, God bless her soul has shown me that there is no need to feel guilty about being a stay at home mom and sacrificing your feminism for some time. Children don’t stay young forever! Before you know it they will be walking, talking, arguing little people who transition quickly into their various stages of development. Blink, I dare you! Its almost like they possess the enviable powers of the Flash. Now you see them; you have to tend to their every need. Next it’s; mom give me some space, quit hovering already, don’t take this the wrong way mom I love you but So why not be the all round woman you want to be?

In this life nothing is certain, with the exception of death; which literally makes this whole thing daunting! It makes you question a little what is this life, but that’s an entirely different blog for an entirely different day. So how about we take our uncertain lives and live it! I mean truly live it! We are women after all- fearfully, wonderfully and phenomenally made! Queens in our own right, I say if it is your choice be the Queen of multitasking be her! Be the all round wonder woman for you and for your children, in waves. You can have your cake and eat it as well, all in due time. Life is about change, transition and motion. So my dearest hardworking moms don’t feel pressured to define yourself a single way. Be the woman you want to be today and everyday onward till you decide to change her. We grow, we experience new things, meet new people. So always keep you close to your heart and your frontal lobe, not quite sure if you can be omnipresent but you can be woman! So let me hear you roar like a party animal (Charly Black voice)! Too masculine and jungly? Or too dancehall? I mean forgive me I have a wild child thirty who is more Tarzan/Hulk like on more days than one. Did I forget to tell you that I am Jamaican?! Though upon seeing me and speaking to me you wouldn’t really guess that right off the bat.

I would like to take this time to bid you adieu from my pair of thirties and myself !

See you soon!


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  1. Krissy, I am impressed and I applaud You:
    1. Being a successful Single Mom,who has utilized those “bricks” thrown at You, to build
    a firm Foundation for Liam & Leila..
    2. Your writing is Beautiful, Expressive & Inspiring.

    Liked by 1 person

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