Tired Mother


Tonight, call me crazy, or whatever but this boat done left the harbor with but one passenger. I love my pair, they are the greatest blessing my life has ever been given. But tonight, I am tired. Tonight my mental state is just absolutely positutely without a doubtutely burnt!

Before dawn this morning, quite similar to most mornings I felt a tap on my shoulder. Only to hear shortly thereafter, mommy I want water. Normally I would hop out of bed to assist this soft sounding, needy, plea of desperation. But this morning I laid there and said no. Now I could be termed the mother from hell, ignoring her child’s impassioned plea for water but I didn’t care because I was honestly tired. I laid there thinking what if he dies of dehydration, yea I can be overly dramatic. Then I came to the realization that well we are in a family home. Hence, having many people to get that oh so needed glass of water. So despite the fact that it was still dark out and the dawn had not began to break I suggested go ask grandma. He left the room giving me roughly two minutes of sleep. They were cherished moments but I had to wake shortly after as my daughter decided she no longer wanted to rest. I spent the entire day answering questions pertaining to absolutely nothing earth shattering. But they were important because my son asked and well he needs answers. The day progressed, my son had gone to church with his grandma but returned soon after as my mother said he repeatedly asked to come home. Being so exhausted I stayed home, with the thought of well, Leils will be drifting off to la la land soon enough. He went with the impression that though we were asleep, when we had woken we would have come to church but that was not so.  When he arrived, all hopes of such were shattered as he immediately struck her attention. You see my pair of thirties are incredibly in tune with each other and do just about anything to get the other’s attention. So they began playing and all hopes of napping or getting a breather went as quickly as the thought appeared. Then with all the activity and commotion the time just flew on by.

I love my children, Lord knows I do. Just had to reaffirm that fact, but I became increasingly tired by the second. By evening, her dad came to visit and I was in no mood for the pleasantries so I handed them over and went to lay down. I ignored all his cries for assistance because well I need some assistance all day and I was… I’m pretty sure you can figure out what I was. If you can’t, TIRED!!! 

So mothers of the world I totally get it when you forget to take that shower until the funk becomes unbearable. I understand when all you yearn for is five minutes of privacy to use the restroom. It’s okay to hand over the children and sleep when you get the offer. No, we aren’t martyrs but some of us are overachieving, over-loving, tired mothers that just need a break once in a while. To non-mothers yes we do more than just sit around all day with the children. So don’t ever ask this often times exhausted, though keeping it together with a mere stitch, mother why I could possibly be tired. You don’t here me asking you why you’re tired after sitting around a desk all day. As women we need to be more compassionate. They often say it takes one to know one and Lord knows its true.


By the way, for me, a break comes with knowing that my children are in safe, competent hands as if not, it will not be a break as all I’ll do is worry every second they are away.

tata from this very TIRED mother of a pair of thirties. Till next time, I bid you adieu.


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  1. Shanice says:

    Kristen and my kids


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