Parenting growing pains

He is entirely a ball full of energy, fantastic personality, intellectual and charming fun!

He bounces of the walls, he rarely listens when I call, trade him for another? Nope, not one.

Handsome, smart, always convincing I must say.

Overly active bae, tucked in a sweet little package set to bless me from across the fray.

The grass on my side is not as lush as it once was.

Weeds have begun to takeover, its destruction has taken a turn for the worst, a turn for the unjust.

My dear sweet boy, all the negativity has begun to engulf me.

It is starting to affect my relationship with thee.

If I fear nothing else, it’s the disconnect.

We’ve been so close from the day we first met.

All hope has not been lost yet.

I will work this out my sweet pea, never you fret.

I am your mother and that I shall do.

Care, guide, protect, encourage and empower you.

I can’t erase my mistakes, nor the less than pleasant taste created by my fall from grace.

I will research, I will find a way to right my wrongs, we will be stronger.

I am truly sorry.




-kristen reynolds

© 2017



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  1. U go Girl !! keeping it Real ; Worry not thyself about “disconnect”..Let go & Let GOD.


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