The exercising feat

Step one, step two, here we go

Stomping our feet, swinging our arms to and fro.

His excitement sweet, as he stomps his feet.

Mommy let’s go, we can beat them in the race you know!


Here we are walking away,

Leading the pack, getting a real workout I must say.

Oh no mommy, you’re walking too fast,

In the back of my head I knew the pace wouldn’t last.


Would you like a piggy back ride my dear sweet child?

Yes mommy, woo, hang on for the ride.

Exhausted I let him slide.

whew he screamed as down my back he most certainly did glide.


One on the front and another on the back?!

Quickest way to beat life’s hack!

Leils living life, sleeping peacefully inside.

Neenam taking names as he powered on with each stride.


-Kristen Reynolds


©2017 Kristen Reynolds


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