I am that MOM

Don’t invite me to events that both my children can’t accompany me to.

I am at a point in my life where I don’t go out without them and I do not feel bad about it. Yes, the thought will be oh but where’s the balance in your life? Right now I’m quite balanced in what I’m doing as a homebody with my children.

I’m not being pretentious nor am I in the mood to apologize for how I feel but believe me when I say this because it is the truth.

I no longer have the undeniable urge to go out with the girls, spend countless hours dancing to senseless music, or clothed in the the slinkiest/flirtiest of outfits.

Does that make me a boring old mom well if that’s your opinion keep it! What you think really doesn’t matter much to me anyway. I am so hyperfocused on what I have to accomplish with the remaining months of 2017. Being so caught up in the other things, in other people’s lives, now is not that time for me.  I love my friends don’t get me wrong but I’d much prefer doing the ‘catching up’ from home. I have seen in my past that for me that makes ‘me’ unbalanced. I am thrown for a loop when I have more on my plate than my pair of thirties and work that I have just started doing from home.

I find that I have become quite introverted and I actually kind of like it. I love my children, I love where we are at today. I love being their mother, seeing all the changes daily. Listening to sometimes the most inconsequential stories with not much premise but seeing his conviction just evokes this great sense of pride as he knows who he is and he is basking in all of his innocence and I intend on glorifying it as long as I possibly can. My princess, well she is growing so quickly, just yesterday she was thrusted into this world after 5 hours of labouring, not all of it was active. But, all that aside, she has started sitting up, talking, standing and before I know it she’ll be walking. I want to be here, right by her side for it all!

I salute you moms for doing it your way! Now this way is my own and I intend to live in my truth and bask in this aspect of motherhood. Thing is, they don’t stay small forever, and for me, well I want to witness first hand as much of their growth and changes as possible. It’s great when you can honestly say, hey Li, remember when you first… Or Leils you know that time when you… it was your first time and I was able to capture it for you to see today?

More power to you for wanting to do it all. I lose my balance and focus trying to, so I keep it simple. Don’t get me wrong I’ll go out, just not without them unless its government business and then you know I have no real choice in the matter for some things.

I truly truly enjoy being a mother and my kids are getting my devotion, don’t like it? Well I can’t recall asking your opinion on my life nor how I live it.

Until next time my pair of thirties and I bid you adeiu!

Peace, Love and Light.


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