An ode to the breast! Feeding of course!

Oh how you nurture that life that clings to the nip, your nipple, your peak.

Squirting nourishment so divine, the longer they feed , in life- the more they’ll shine.

Truly a blessing from the Lord, he knows just what is right!

The little ones, oh how they bask in its delight.


The breast is your name, is it not?

Quite a delightful body part to the little one and the father clock.

You have blessed them in equal yet in separate turns of the lock.

The breast is your name, creating work to be marveled is your aim, truly nurturing, difficult, yet life preserving, the breast is best, is it not?


Offering a gift uniquely your own,

My oh my have the suckers grown.

Enjoying greatly the joyous affair,

After you’ve toiled through the night, after warms rags and oatmeal fights, you’ve fought through it all and you have drawn them near, on the breast let them settle there.



Kristen Reynolds.

Moms, breastfeeding is hard! But stick with it, your children will thank you!

No caviar dreams, just oatmeal streams! -tip to help bring on lactation!

Oatmeal and brewer’s yeast, the mother of all creations!


Breastfeeding Week 2017! August 1-7.


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