Through it all, breastfeed regardless.

The breast is best, that’s what they all say. Yes we know the amazing qualities that come from exclusive breastfeeding but let us take some time to truly acknowledge the moms that have great difficulty in their trying to do so. I mean, persistence is the name of the game when you’re trying to breastfeed your newborn as such be not discouraged too soon.

This second time was a lot harder but I was a lot wiser than my first and I think the experience made me not fret as much. Truth is, there is information out there that can help! For some, you could get all the information and still have a hard time, but that’s where your support system comes in. Some are blessed with large families with many people with experience and can speak truth to your life. While others are alone, but never truly alone because support is out there, you just need to look. Here, I pledge to offer my support, warm words, just care in general if you need a listening ear. Let’s face facts ladies, mothering is hard!

With my daughter I remember fretting and wondering if she wasn’t being fed as she would constantly squirm and make whining noises. But I hopped on the internet as most millennials would do and pinterest offered me all the solutions in the world.

Check out my boards for more info on those solutions… How breastfeed better

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(1) The most important thing starting out is attaining a good latch ( How to attain a good latch)! Try to ensure that most of your areola is in fact in the baby’s mouth.

(2) It will be painful for some or just feel like mild discomfort for others but stick it through. The baby ought not to be solely sucking the nipple as this will lead to cracks and additional pain. Allow 2-4 days for your milk supply to come in.

(3) Pump! Expressing your milk keeps that milk flow in production as your body is so amazing and generally tends to adjust to the baby’s feeding pattern. However if you pump, it will stimulate multiple let downs and you can always store the milk for later.

(4) If you are still having milk production troubles I’ve found that rolled old fashioned oats does the trick perfectly! Talk about going from tip tip to a full on fountain. For additional support you can add brewer’s yeast to your meals.

(5) Relax and enjoy the bonding experience breastfeeding creates.

It can be incredibly difficult for first time moms with little to no support but it can be helped. There have been several studies to show that moms who breastfeed lower their chances at developing breast among other cancers. It’s nourishment for you and your baby. It can be accomplished, you just have to try.

Send me an email, we can discuss further tips and tricks I’ve found in the war against the breast 🙂 feeding of course !


Mom to a pair of amazingly bomb thirties!



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