A mother’s pain.

You threaten me, for what? Hopes of instant compliance?

I would do anything, fight any battle to protect the ones that I love.

There is a real and true difference between reality and the version you created.

When will you people quit with your selfish self-interest?


He is but a boy.

Charming, sweet and smart.

But a boy with a lion’s heart.

Pity, he will not correlate his despair with your reality.


Wish we could be airlifted from the insanity.

There are several words missing from your vocabulary.

Care, concern, understanding, none of which you seek.

You take advantage of the defenseless, you prey upon the weak.


I’m angry not solely because you lie.

I’m angry because he suffers while you galavante and enjoy your life.

Small minds and empty barrels are often as loud as the empty spaces echo regardless.

Well here I stand, with armor in tow, this will be the final the signs of the final furrows.


I will not shed another tear because of your recklessness.

I pray for the day we can be free from the toxicity.


Mom of a pair of 30!


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