Work from home. Take the plunge into the remote job market

The what if’s kill more dreams and visions than the actuality of venturing into the unknown and truly failing could ever do. I decided a few months into my maternity leave that the ordinary world of 9-5 just would not cut it anymore for me. I pondered greatly about what options were available to me. Do I just become a housewife (without the husband in actuality, but taking on the theoretical framework?) Or do I just try to work from home, make my own income, keep my womanhood and maintain my sense of self, kickbutt take names and be darn good mom in tow? Well I chose neither and both in a sense, super mom.

I opted to be my children’s be all end all. Staying home, keeping the peace [to some extent as while the calls rang my wonderful blessing of a mother attended to their every whim and I do mean every. A lot more than I ever do smh they have her wrapped around their pinkies. Moving right along though to the real important juicy stuff, how to work from home. Whether you’re a mom or just someone keen on making a few extra dollars from the comfort of your bed in your jammies, here’s a listing of a few options.



Oh the infamous Upwork, awesome stuff I tell you. This site is definitely freelancers haven/heyvan/heaven. Yup it truly is. This online platform allows just about anyone with a computer, internet access and some real amazing talent to go on and make that dough from home. Trick is, you have to be persistent like with anything else in life. Sometimes it takes a few tries. But it will happen trust me I’d know I have created my own little niche therein. Be you, be true, let your light shine through.

English First 

Online Application

Now here is the Rolls Royce of Teaching English Online sites. I mean, if you wish to make yourself more comfortable and a wee bit more at ease, this is the site for you. Of course having a degree is the minimum qualification and a requirement and can you blame them. I mean paying so well and all, I would think you would need some qualifications to make it all work.

Of course then there is the requirement of the TEFL certification. Fear not, be not afraid, quell your worries child, there are many sites available with numerous price points and the beauty of the millennium, Groupon! Save with online codes and numerous massive deals, allowing you an easier means of attaining your true vision.


There is so much more available and so much more to be explored trust and believe Google is your besssst friend 🙂


From my pair of thirties and I we bid you adieu!!!



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