I have had so much time to think about this, each time he screams for no apparent reason, each time she climbs on my shoulder when I’m tired and all I want to do is close my eyes. This parenting thing is no game nor is it in even in the most remote way funny. I have cried once or twice admittedly for feeling as though I am a failure because that trip I long had in mind had to crumble due to the emergence of unexpected LIFE, travelling at me too fast for me to blink or utter a word. So mom’s who have been surviving or searching for a means of survival, here I have for you tips on surviving parenting. The Express edition of course.


  • Pray; what better way to maintain your sanity when it feels like all is slipping around you and not one thing is going right that day? A quick prayer to your Lord and Father. He is never to far, too busy to hear us, hear our prayers when we need him the most. I wake up thanking him for Life. I go to bed thanking him for all his many mercies throughout the day but I for sure yell from the top of my lungs inside my head if that can be a thing a prayer for patience and guidance when I am being tried the most. Sometimes they don’t set out to be menaces, our kids just have vibrant personalities that they want to share and explore, at least mine do.
  • Shower; so obviously hygiene is important. That aside, a shower changes a lot for many people including me. The cold water streaming down your face when you are having the roughest day in a long time, yup there is a certain level of bliss and peace that is attained by this action. I wish I could bathe every time I was hit with stress. If they have melt downs in public, whip out the shower. If they scream to stay longer at a particular venue, whip out the shower. If they refuse to listen even after I’ve spoken a gazillion times and are acting like I am non-existent, whip out the shower. Its therapeutic I tell you feel no way!
  • Talk; there is a reason words existent other than to hurt, defile, or even gossip, if that’s your thing I mean. But, talk to someone. Many people are willing to listen, not just to get the tea on your life to share it with others. Some people actually care, and do want to help. But be wary of those who lurk to prey on you in your moments of weakness. Honestly though, if you trust no one like that, talk to God, he always listens, doesn’t judge and does not slander your life with your truths.
  • Read; there is help available. Trust and believe, there are so many blessed with an amazing gift to put their words on paper or even in virtual reality allowing you to look for whatever advice you may need. Google is your friend.

All in all, life can come at you pretty fast, I’ve been experiencing a lot of this lately. But you can do what you need to to get by.

From my pair of thirties and I ❤


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