Today is Sunday y’all, a day of reflection and relaxation for myself and my pair of thirties. Normally our routine is church, I would work a little and the kids would take a nap before we head to the beach. Today, I take a little time to lament on just how annoying it is for people to push their opinions of what things ought to be on your child and they have so much to work on for themselves and theirs.

Like I said, its Sunday, I would much rather revel in the holy spirit and be at peace but this conversation rubbed me the wrong way and mid response I realized where I was and came back to a safe place but boy was my temper boiling. The nerve of that woman.

Soooo you may be wondering what exactly has my blood so hot. Well we were at church earlier this morning and after service was over, a woman, not known to me nor my children came over to comment on how sweet my daughter looked. She asked my son if she could take her home. Of course being the big brother he is, protective in every way he told her “no, she’s my baby!” and fanned her off as she touched him repeatedly. The other woman who brought her to church, not being cognizant of the line of conversation came over and began to tell him not to be rude to people he does not know because his mother will beat him. Now I was sitting right there and one of the most annoying and gut churning things you could do to my child is tell him that I will reprimand him using corporal punishment for an action you thought he ought to not have done. When in fact he was acting in accordance of how he was taught, not to let strangers violate his personal space not knowing their intentions.

Now in Jamaica, I get it the culture dictates that it takes a village to raise a child but what is not going to happen is you telling my child he will get into trouble for protecting himself and his sibling as he was taught. She had the gall when I let her know he will not be punished for such actions to say well next time I will not wait for your mother to beat you I will beat you myself. Lady trust and believe it took the blood of Jesus and the patience of Job to touch my heart, hands and mind to not do what first came to thought. How dare you threaten my child for actions not wrong nor rude? How dare you think to supersede my actions to raise my child? How dare you think the thought let alone utter the words? You have left me filled with indignation.

In those moments I pray to the Father for strength and understanding. Strength to remain at peace but if she so much of laid a hand on him I would more so have to pray for forgiveness because I cannot guarantee that she would not have been met with the greatest wrath to be unleashed by a mother who tolerates no non-sense for her children. I would also have to pray for understanding as I would really need to understand that she knows not what she did hence  not reacting in a zero dark thirty manner.

Life has a way of showing and teaching you many lessons, the devil has a way of trying to bring you from your glorified saving grace. But I am faithful to the cause and I am trying to do everything in my power to love the Lord and live his name in ways worthy of being in his presence when that time does come.

Parents I do say this, it can be hard to dance the line of contention with others when it relates to matters of your children. Have faith, the Lord will lead the way.

From my pair and I we bid you adieu… ❤



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