Mind going a million miles per minute, wondering how bad, how deep down in the well is it?

Crazy thing is, I thought I had it all together, spot on, created neatly into a wonderful chic bun.

How do you measure how far you have come. They look well, but look at you, what have you become?

You can’t be thriving if they are the only ones shining. Yes you’re kids are suppose to be well off but the question is, are you winning if you seemingly look as though you’ve let yourself go? Seemingly looking like an untamed, unkempt afro?

Not strong but forever weary.

Not happy but sad and somewhat dreary.

Yes all that you do is for them, but your cup has gone empty, so please tell me, what then? What then will your life be when they’ve grown and still there you stand?

What then will happen, will you go and have another one?

Will you try to fill that gap each time they grow up?

Or will you find your own? Rekindle your light and shine brightly from within against all odds?

Life is a fun and crazy thing.

Tomorrow is a new day, let your light shine from within.

Love them viciously but love yourself as well, you can’t pour from an empty cup.


A weary but hopeful mom.


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