Love, Mom

Pray for understanding, wisdom, courage and strength.

Your children will know you, they will love you. Amidst the hurt or the anger, they will see what you did, why you did and thank you for what you did.

Sometimes we get sidetracked by how we may feel but the truth is, I love you no matter what and in that love I will protect you no matter what.

So even if you grow up to dislike certain things I have done, I will find understanding in the fact that you are growing and still learning. I will be all the wiser as you will find your way and maybe even show me a thing or two. I will have the courage to say what I MEAN and mean what I SAY because it is only through true communication that we will get to a solid base. I will find the strength in moving on and letting go because you will be safe and protected.

To my loves:

As a parent, you can’t ever know what you taught will be the deciding factor in the creation of a great human being. So I find strength from the one above.

You both will be great!




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