Have you been feeling like an impostor?

“The feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something,” is a general definition of confidence.

This time we’re in is so unique. It’ll have your mind playing tricks on itself. Have you heard the discussion around impostor syndrome? “The persistent inability to believe that one’s success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved.” I’ve heard conversations about having dreams so big that they scare you. But don’t you think that that is the necessary step towards greatness? The moment we step outside of our comfort zone there is a whole world just waiting for us to explore.

On the other hand. questioning yourself I believe is normal, in my opinion, whether it is; as a parent, as an employee, well I can’t speak to partnerships, one of you lovely readers can drop me a beat on that and let me know if applies there as well. I have always had a pretty healthy level of self-confidence. There is very little that nudges my core. Thinking on how I am, something will bug me, I will bemoan for a few hours and then that will be that, on to the next. I have also been able to speak my mind quite clearly as I believe that I am quite expressive. I have found lately though, that I have been spending a little too much time in my own head due to our current circumstances. Is anyone else wondering when we will just get back to living already and quit referring to the time as this looming nightmare that we are all waiting to wake up from?

I started on a new path in my life recently, now it is similar to where I have been but different because of those involved. I know who I am, there’s no question about that. I know my skills and my abilities and I am confident in them. But, there is something interesting that I’ve noticed lately. When interacting with this new person, its almost as though my brain trips all over itself (no this has nothing to do with romanticism). So questions or thoughts that I would like to ask or express just turn into mush and it all seems like garbage. I am really trying to figure out at my core, what the issue could be, why the change in approach? Why the shift in clarity and precision on my part?

We want to communicate the best version of ourselves at all times. First impressions last and I believe perhaps because of the virtual state we are in and the fact that we’ve never met in person, that could be my reason for self-doubt. Funny enough, I have been thinking that I have been doing so great all along but I was being told well do it this way, perhaps this will generate a better result, perhaps this will be a better option. So maybe it hasn’t been my own insecurities but perhaps I have taken on those being projected on me. As women, it’s so important to pay close attention to signs and red flags in our lives. Our gut instinct is usually not wrong. I began to waiver in my confidence for the first in a long time. But it weighed so heavily on me for the past few days it prompted me to stop everything and draft this post.

In life I encourage you to do the same. If you find that your core feels unstable, take a step back and look within to assess really what could be going on. Don’t sit in the self-doubt especially if that is not a place that you’re familiar with if you catch me drift.

Until next time…


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