Breastfeeding week- An Ode

It will be amazing they said.
It will be a great bonding experience.
You will connect with the baby in an amazing way. 
Breast is best. 

Keep trying. 
The latch will come.
It's okay if they keep crying.
The battle will soon be won.
Breast is best.

But what they never said,
The tip that most seem to forget.
Not being able to, doesn't mean the end. 
There are other options available dear friend.
The baby's health is best.

Dear mommies, the life changing experience that your body, mind and soul goes through during pregnancy is tremendous. Then the journey post partum is one that ought to be taken a day at a time. I was blessed with two amazing children. I refer to them as my pair of thirties as they share the same birthday though three years apart. Neither births came as “expected”. Neither post partum journey was as “envisioned”. You may wonder what the norm is and if your experience doesn’t match that loose definition then are you even a fit comparative.

I say to you, like all else in life, each step we take is our own. Let us rally together as we celebrate this breastfeeding week and look towards our tribe for help moving forward. You are not on this journey alone. Yes, I’ll agree, breast is best but remember that the baby’s health and your health, they matter too!


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