We are multifaceted beings

As we take each step towards our goals and plans for our lives and the lives of those around us, it is important to do so with intention. My mother blessed me in so many ways that I am just now coming to grips with all the sacrifices she made and developing a clear understanding of the plans she put in place. As parents, we make plans for our lives and for our children’s lives. The thing is though, we all have the power of choice. My growth spiritually has taught me to see a bigger picture. We often live our lives picture in picture, focusing on the finer details in one area of our lives without realizing that the full scope has been laid out for us by the Lord. As multifaceted beings, we are all born with skills and talents. Some of us are blessed with many and I believe it is our duty to seek wisdom from the Lord on how He wants us to use our skills and talents to be of service to Him.

Chase Your Purpose

Many of us chase the bags. We want to get rich, quick! We want all that we see on Instagram, the lifestyle of the rich and famous. While others just want comfort, now. Instead of chasing the bag right off, how about chasing your purpose? How about stopping for a minute and dialing into that which the Lord wants for you? He doesn’t want us to suffer, He wants us to be happy and at peace and live our lives right by Him. True story, as I have started to ask Him to use me more, as I have asked for His intercession in my life I have seen the blessings flow abundantly. Ask Him, which seeds you ought to sow and trust in His timing. Trust that He knows what’s best and then move forward with intention. Now for some, blessings equate money, for me blessings equate peace. There are several ways to attain true peace but I say, talk to Him and He will direct your path.

Manifesting is good, but prayer, laser focus, tuning into the station that is truthfully meant for you, listen, there is no better way. These internet streets will have you tripping sometimes.

My mom had a plan for me based on what I expressed were my dreams. She made immense sacrifices for me to be comfortable and lead a life of peace. Now that I am grown, I am seeking God’s wisdom to live a life right by Him and also to offer my children the tools they can use to live their own lives peacefully and live their lives for God. I wanted to be an attorney growing up and many would have thought that I ought to have actualized those dreams years ago. No matter how long it takes, no matter how many pit stops you make, be intentional about your goals. Though I may not be at the finished line just yet, I am truly enjoying the lessons He has taught me while on this journey.

Be Unapologetically You

This all came to me as I sat reflecting on a conversation my mom and I had. Just to give you some context.

I woke with a terrible headache yesterday and I could not shake the feeling. I had a busy day ahead, with client meetings, Spanish classes for my children, homework we had to do but I couldn’t shake it. I paused and decided to pray. I prayed earnestly with intention for quite some time and then I found relief. The day didn’t do an automatic turnaround but I regained some level of functionality. Mom later in the day got ready to leave out for church. She wasn’t feeling well but she got ready anyway and went. I recall thinking, why are you going, your whole body is telling you not to. I left it alone though because I know that in this time of COVID sometimes we all could use a break one way or another. I get listless but for the most part I know how to quiet the storm in my mind by tapping into the Holy Spirit that resides in my heart. In our conversation later we discussed many things that took place throughout the day. I will share with you that passive aggression gets you no where far in life. Pure honesty and direct conversations lead you to a place of true healing. I am only learning this lately and I am grateful for the lessons that have come my way.

Someone saw it fit to “define” who will go to heaven and the way they will get there, in less than such specific terms. Last I checked though, the Lord is the only one that knows the hearts of each man. He is the only one that knows where we are on our journey with Him and also He knows who will be accepted into His kingdom. I began standing in my power when I stopped listening to the noise of the market, but you will never be able to block it out always, in all ways. However, you do have the choice to sit and focus on the ill spoken words set to “preach on your life” or define you as a person or speak to God and work on your life. In all things, remember who you are and remember whose you are.

As I sat in reflection, Ancient of days by Ron Kenoly came to me.

Blessings and honor, glory and power

be unto the Ancient of Days.

From every nation, all of creation, bow before the Ancient of Days.

Every tongue in Heaven and Earth shall declare Your glory,

Every knee shall bow at Your thrown in worship, You will be

exalted oh God and Your kingdom shall not pass away, oh Ancient of Days.

I began singing the song and paused in prayer and praise. Sometimes things happen and we pay no attention to it. However, as I prayed and as I began to glorify the Lord’s name it began to drizzle outside, then it began to pour as my cries grew louder to him. The Lord I serve is a healer, a protector, a provider, he is in rooms I am not. He hears conversations I don’t and more over, He protects me from things and people who I often times had no idea were plotting against me. I say all this to say, focus on the vision He makes plainly for you. Tune into the message He sends to you. Eliminate the distractions and work earnestly towards building His Kingdom because he knows all and He sees all.

Funny enough, things happen in life that in the moment we don’t know the meaning of it but in time, He will show us how it all is meant to play out together. I dreamt early that morning of a snake outside the gate of my home. It wasn’t near me, as a matter of fact someone was going after it but the snake went right past me, across the street mind you. I then entered my home and I recall standing at the opposite end of my living room and seeing a different snake slither up the wall. Again, not near me, nor posing any imminent threat or danger to me in the dream. I researched and came across a biblical webpage that shared that when such imagery is seen in a dream, one ought to be aware of one’s surroundings. Be aware of those around us, who we allow into our lives, I would take a step further and say into our homes. I often kid that we find scripture to support our point, however the message that I saw was not scripture but a loose based explanation with biblical influence.

In my 30 years on this earth, the Lord has blessed me. The times that were difficult were set to drive me back to Him. Imagine being hard of hearing and having to be taught the same lesson multiple times before it connects. Well, God has never forsaken me and I am still on this journey of healing and developing a life right by Him, I continue to ask for his guidance. I have always fought my battles with words. I always knew that I would never sacrifice my peace because someone else thought that I wasn’t deserving. As I have grown spiritually, I realize that sometimes, those battles are better fought by the Lord. Allow Him to take the reigns and lead. Many times I’ve been in situations that I was not allowed to respond the way that originally came to mind but I sit and say, okay God, I acknowledge that perhaps that was not the best way. Perhaps I could have taken the time to listen to you and speak from a pure heart rather than an angered mind. In acknowledging this growth I can honestly say that I am now at peace with being identified as a Christian.

I am a Christian

I am a Christian and like many things in life, we try to downplay our role because if we present ourselves a particular way, then we will be judged and boxed in. As young adults, we often fear the opinions of others not realizing that once we seek His blessing, and truly listen, we are acting from a place of power that is blessed by Him. What I will say is, this is the first time that I’ve been able to express that, express my faith as plainly as I have. I have always been worried about how I would be perceived by saying yes, I am a Christian. We aren’t perfect and even on our journey as Christians we ought to seek His guidance and ask for His direction as we lead our lives intentionally.

I am a multifaceted human being, a mother, a sister, a friend, a daughter, a Christian. We are often defined by what we do, how we do it, when we do it etc. Be it our jobs, our hobbies etc., it is important to note that your heart can only be judged by the Lord. If we are so blessed, we will have many seasons but if we can get to that season of knowing that we being leading with intent, I believe we can then be great. He wants the best for us and though we do things He may not want, He offers us forgiveness and He shows us grace. As I’ve learned this about myself and my life, I too am trying to extend the same grace and understanding to my children. My son is a rambunctious ball of light. His entire being lights up a room. Many who have only seen darkness will gravitate to him and try to rob him of his light. I pray that the Lord continues to cover him as he leads his life. I pray that as I pray over him, he begins to pray for himself to find the truth in that which the Lord has put in place for his life. We all have a purpose, we are all special. Though he is seven years old, I pray that he seeks the Lord’s guidance as he makes his decisions.

I am just realizing this truth at 30 years of age but I pray that he discerns this in his own time and when the Lord sees fit for him. I try to remind him daily that he is special, he does have talents that are uniquely his. Though he is surrounded by women he is a King and he is loved and he is important. He is smart, he is strong, he is worthy, he possesses all the skills and talents he could ever need to truly WIN!

I have heard many times on different occasions perhaps not directly, that the way I speak is a problem to some, the way I present myself is a problem to others. A lesson I’ve learned, I will now share with you, stand in your power, do not diminish or shrink yourself because of someone else’s insecurity with themselves and their lives. I try to operate from a place of kindness and as such where I used to go out of my way to prove a point, I no longer do so. I do however stand in my truth, in my power in my lane, proudly and unapologetically. My eloquence is a gift from God. I remember the first time a teacher taught me to acknowledge my power. Mrs. Jean Robinson Hill, I will forever sing your praises! During my days at Mount Alvernia Preparatory I was involved in so many activities including debate and JCDC Speech festivals. I joke that what I was only able to achieve at grade 5, my son was able to do from Intermediate. If you aren’t aware, here in Jamaica, specifically at the preparatory level school (in some instances) starts from Pre-Kindergarten then Kindergarten, then Intermediate, then Grade One etc. Nevertheless, Mrs. Hill taught me that though I didn’t receive a national gold, I did get a gold and that was something to be proud of. My voice, my talents in speech got me a gold medal. For those unaware, we had to deliver a poem without the use of a microphone by projecting our voices. We had different categories to be entered into but my gold winning poem was that of Paul Bunyan by Shel Silverstein in the Standard English speaking category I believe.

On a different note, in life, people will love you and lift you up until… which is why as human beings, we ought to acknowledge our super powers, be gracious when others want to revel in them but understand that they are gifts from God and you should seek only to serve Him through those super powers. I am one thousand percent unapologetically a child of God learning to walk in His way and allowing Him to lead me down the path that He wants me to go.

My daughter is special, she is smart, she is charming, she is super intuitive and though subtle, she is understanding and truly looks out for those she loves. I pray she never loses her authenticity, her joy, her sense of self and her peace of mind. I pray she always has the courage to stay true to herself and learn how to quiet the noise around her.

Be the influence You Need to See

Be the salt in the soup and not the soup in the salt.

Meaning, salt has such a specific flavor that can ruin or enhance a dish. Hence being that flavor without allowing the outside world to completely shape our thoughts and actions. Add your power to the situation you are in, don’t let it overwhelm you.

We are shaped by the world around us, we have innate parts that make us uniquely us. As we are on this journey of life, I pray that you find that which makes you understand your purpose. Whether you are struggling with your identity, struggling with finding a sense of self, struggling as a parent, struggling separating who you are from your partner or those around you. I pray that you take the time to truly reflect, talk to the man upstairs and know that all things are working for your good.

As I continue on my journey as a multifaceted human being, I pray that you get still and truly listen to your purpose so you can lead a purpose filled life.

Me and my thirties bid you adieu. xoxo


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