Offer yourself grace

We are now in day 5 million of the COVID pandemonium. A bit dramatic I’ll admit but that is certainly what it feels like. Now mind you, I am a home body so I am not complaining. I get to protect my space and my peace for the most part. On the other hand, there are still some variables that can’t be totally controlled. Which leads me to this recent thought process. I love my little ones dearly and each day is a learning opportunity. Learning their new personalities, learning about their will and learning how to relate to each personality.

Just as we grow and change, so do they. As parents we often want to remain in control, let it be known that we are the parent and enforce that understanding, but it is important for us to offer ourselves grace and understand that they are also learning about life, themselves and the world around them and they too ought to be offered grace.

You can’t beat water into submission

Children, as much as we try to influence their thought process and help them to adapt to a certain mindset, you can’t force them to accept all your view points. As parents though we have lived a certain life and experienced many things, they are also their own beings, eager to learn and explore and would love to learn from their own mistakes. My seven year old is a strong-willed, brave, brilliant human being. I look in awe at him each time I think of how much he has grown and changed over the past few years. I shake my head in despair sometimes at just how headstrong he can be as at times it is to his own detriment.

Truth is though, we were all there at once. We were all in a space of growth and learning and understanding and it can’t be expected that he will just assume I am right and do as I say in all instances because that is the very mindset I don’t want him to have. I recall a time I had taken them to the pediatrician. We were in the office and there was a light box on the wall, not sure of the scientific name, but they use it to view X-Rays and he asked what it was. I told him its purpose and he turned to Dr. Henny and asked her to confirm. I was reassured on one hand that he sought advice from someone who was the “expert” on the matter rather than taking my word for it, but I jokingly did ask him, “so you wouldn’t have believed me?” He responded no, you’re not a doctor. I want to encourage him to question things, stand on his own two feet, be independent, stand in his truth, acknowledge his strength and accept and hone his power. Though I am still learning his love language and learning how he would prefer being related to, I am thankful that he is not easily swayed.

With all of that said, I can’t beat water into submission. His carefree nature is the very beauty that I admire. It is the very foundation of his being and I pray that I am reminded to allow him to grow , develop and find his happiness, his peace, his joy in his own way and in his own time and in his own way. His laughter though boisterous is beautiful. Just looking at him, I am inspired as he just reminds me so much of watching an artist throw paint on their canvas and just waiting to see how each droplet would fall and where their artistic journey would take them. Liam the lion, truly the name he has been given from birth and it speaks true to his spirit and the ferocious drive.

It’s easy to slip into the rhythm of daily life and lose track of the small blessings that we are gifted but I encourage you as I try myself to enjoy the gift that is the present.

Till next time, I bid you adieu. xoxo


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