Conquering the fear of the pair

For the first time in a long time, the fear of public transportation and my two young ones did not feel so debilitating. Can I tell you that for quite some time I feared venturing into public spaces with them without assistance? Imagine a wild child 3-year-old and a headstrong 5-month-old on what’s supposed to be a seemingly normal beach day. One strapped to the torso with what feels to be an obscene amount of weight when you factor in a beach bag packed with everything and the kitchen sink! Additionally, your rambunctious toddler in hand toting next to you at a pace so alarming he should be ticketed for a speeding in traffic violation. On this particular day though the crippling fear I normally have, was nowhere to be seen, heard, nor felt and it felt great. Wonder woman had nothing on me because from the very moment I stepped outside of my house I felt like a top-tier warrior set for battle no matter what trials may come my way. I pre-packed, pre-planned (though with young children very little goes according to the plan,) and pre-sented myself on the frontline fit and ready for duty.

Nothing feels as great as the freedom that comes with being able to travel freely with your children.

I am a single mom you see and often most “normal” things can come off daunting with two children under four without support. But moms take it from me with the correct mindset it can be done! Sometimes all it takes is a good shower to wake up and freshen the mind along with good pre-organization inclusive of snacks, extra clothes, beach gear and disposal bags just in the event of accidents because we know things do happen.

Life tends to come at you quickly when you’re grossly unprepared and you’re fearing the very outcome of movement BUT I tell you, that first step can be the greatest change propelling action of life!

We arrived at the beach a bit later than I had planned because hey with my pair of thirties things do happen. Upon arrival, I felt a wee bit nervous but shook them because hey no matter the circumstance I was about to embark on the best beach day ever because I had my little ones with me and their enjoyment is top order no matter what life throws my way. There were minimal huts available to shelter from the blaring summer sun but as fate would have it I stumbled upon one that merely had two slippers; one seemingly small resembling that of a child and one of a larger design of an adult with a cooler beneath it. I thought to myself this must be a parent and child and maybe they could understand my plight and offer to share their space with me. Not seeing them I began to unpack by the gazebo that was more packed than sardines in a tin close by. Soon after a gentleman appeared, I asked him, “Sir, would you mind sharing your hut with me on this hot day?” His reply felt like Christmas came early as he said, “actually you can have as we’re leaving.” Man, I felt as though I won the lottery because beach on a Saturday ram packed like a street dance but we got a really cushy spot amidst it all.

Fear not moms because with adequate basic planning life can become much more bearable. Let the children wear their swim wear beneath their clothes, pack adequate snacks, pack beach towels, much-needed sunscreen! When you have the basics in order, know where to find it all, say a little prayer and be on your way! Don’t let being alone with your children hinder you from taking them out to have a grand time. 😊

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