Simple Livity

They will appear to wish you well but speak ill words of you.

People will always have something to say about your mothering skills. Heck they will have something to say about the way you breathe. But guess what, you are your child’s mother and you do what you can to provide for them and keep them healthy, happy and stable. Truth is, mout mek fi chat, das why e cut lean.

Be the best parent you can be.

You knows your child best! You can set their routine and you have a lot to do with their behaviour. Children come into the world like blank slates mommy, what you put it will often be what comes out, until they start to grow and the pressures of the world they will face and then they’ll decide what to do with their lives from then on. But don’t fear the worst. Keep trying.


In difficult times, in joyous times nothing beats a good prayer. Life is full of ups and downs. We have the power of freewill to decide how to deal with things that occur. It does not mean that we can change how things happen, it does however mean that we can change how we cope with what is happening around us.


Take these few words, they are blossoming daisies from the Earth. Let them comfort you, even guide you to a lighter place, a more blessed less stressed you.



Mom of a pair of thirties.



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