Trust His Timing

Today I got up later than my usual time. Lately I’ve been able to stay up longer into the wee hours of the morning, sometimes not going to bed until the break of dawn the next day. I have been feeling more productive, though I haven’t slept much. I felt as though I was getting a lot done. Working with an evolving checklist, it’s easy to wonder whether or not I was being effective; but I felt as though I was.

Ever heard of productive procrastination? Well it is like having a task that sits on your to-do list but you find time to complete every other task, some you even make up last minute to avoid doing the one major one that needs to get done. I stayed on the phone last night brainstorming and just thinking through solutions I have generated for someone and their business. I love the feeling of novelty, going in making effective changes and getting out before the effort begins to wear thin.

Imagine doing this and not being able to feed your children from your efforts. Monetizing your skills is essential to getting through this journey of life. Work smarter and not harder. Make the necessary connections and use them to your advantage. Imagine having created so many pools of talent and not benefiting from any.

As a creative, I love to offer persons their ideal solution; but then at what point is giving no longer from the goodness of your heart but slavery?

Today though, mixing it up (my daily routine) by creating a mini lesson plan for my son, I was able to tackle the task I’ve been avoiding for days. Funny enough, I got it done only to have the client question the completion of the task. Then I sat and thought wow, suppose I had tackled this when I was truly out of it. I’m not sure if I could have had a conversation.

Have you ever felt that Satan has been moving in your space and blocking your blessings? Feeling like your running on a hamster wheel and the faster you run, the more effort you put in and the less you get out of it and end up no where? Or perhaps the good Lord just does not want you heading in that direction and perhaps he has greater things in store for you. Whatever the case, you need to be patient and pray. Be still and know that he is God. Be still and know that he is moving mountains for you though you may not see it as yet. So put in the work. Let no doubt be the be all and end all of your dreams and aspirations. Just know that if it is His will, it will be.

He doesn’t bring us down certain paths to leave us. We just need to remember what we are fighting for. Remember his promise and trust His timing.


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