Theorizing a Perspective on Decision 2020.


“A particular way of considering something,” is how the Cambridge dictionary defines the word perspective. It is a hell of a thing I must say. Have you ever wondered why it is that seven persons could be in a room, an incident occurs and of the seven there are probably only two accounts that are moderately similar? General facts remain consistent but the finer details, well, they seem different depending on who is asked.

Bear with me, this is no mind trip, or maybe it’s a dive down the rabbit hole. I am certainly no Alice, but, I am hopeful. Recently, as a nation, there was Decision 2020. There was the vote that can be described in ways as quite like the events of the year 2020 thus far, depending on your perspective. The blue pill versus the red pill. Rose coloured glasses, versus reality check for all it is. Good versus evil. Youth versus aged. Decision 2020 came in a sensitive time, a time of uncertainty, a time of fear, a time of desperation, a time of imbalance. A time where persons needed hope, a time where persons clung to a sense of security from whom they deemed to be offering saving grace. Hearing the stories, the conspiracies, the plain truths of many, whichever side of the coin you land on, your perspective had a lot to do with how you got there.

For many COVID-19 has been deemed a time of reset. This time, to some, has become an equalizer or sorts. An opportunity to get a fresh start as the world has stopped and we are all attempting to figure out how to move forward. When this all started I remember being in office, hearing a story of a mother whose child had a cough, she ran to a doctor’s office only to be turned away as the doctor refused to see the child. She left in tears, she ran to her office with her coughing child in hand to collect a few items. The child coughed and everyone stared glaringly as she whisked through in attempts to head out to seek assistance elsewhere. My heart fell into my stomach. I know the fear that comes with wanting to help your child, wanting to find out what’s wrong, wanting to ease every discomfort, every painful moment that they feel. I’m tearing up just at the thought. I recall, my own experience with a particular public health centre. Going in with a child who was clearly, and quite visibly battling respiratory struggles. I remember asking for help, this was not during COVID-19. I remember members of the medical fraternity casually sauntering to and fro. I remember a level of anger boiling inside. I remember being consumed with fear as I flashed back to my own encounter with breathing troubles nothing quite like hers. I remember thinking yes, you went to school for this, but how much of what you learned are you actually applying? I remember becoming so angry, all sense of rationality and reasoning started to evade my psyche. Do you remember that movie with Denzel Washington and how he took the entire hospital hostage trying to save his son? Perspective and some level of rationality and objectivity would have led you to drum up your conclusion of him and his situation. Life experience has a lot to do with it, how you see it, how you formulate your perspective. Trying to breathe in the midst of an asthma attack has been described by some as drowning, gasping for air whilst not being certain of when that life saving moment will come and you can breathe a breath of fresh air. Children are resilient, children are strong, but they must be protected at all cost and against all odds.

Now, for the doctor, being in a period of such uncertainty, the fear could have taken over. But, did you not take an oath? Mind you, there are so many layers to unpack, so many versions left untold, but then this all points back to perspective being a hell of a thing. We vote based on how the issues affect us. We vote based on the benefit that awaits us. The talks of two Jamaica’s is no fable. In jest people toy with the idea. In jest, the true discussions are had in camera. But guess what, depending on your perspective, deep-seated issues only rise to the fore depending on the mouth from which it is spoken.

Truth is, we form opinions based on snapshots of people. Whether it is the version of their life that is shown on social media, or the version of the person we meet when just introduced. The 80/20 rule almost always can be applied. Are you seeing the 20% that is shared by choice? Or are you seeing the 80% that they deem to be their truth? Whether you showcase your truths behind a screen or in person, who we interact with is entirely dependent on how “our reality” is staged and tactically deployed.

I recall some time ago, just becoming exposed to politics “in a meaningful way” and hearing talks of which is the poor people’s party, which is the party that speaks to wealth and is for the wealthy. I remember thinking, how then do you make that choice. If you are say from a particular address, wanting to rub elbows with the Jones’ or just wanting to change your outlook on life and use the hand you were dealt to write a different narrative to the story that is your life. Do you then just align yourself with the wealthy party? Books have mentioned, if you want change, if you want to “level-up” you ought to change your circle. If you’re the smartest person in the room then you’re in the wrong room. Are you then destined to become wealthy by surrounding yourself with the wealthy? One perspective will have you wondering at what cost? The other, the end goal is the mission so no matter the cost the goal must be attained. The hunter, the hunted, the fittest of the fit stand to survive. Perspective versus reality, on which side of the coin are you more comfortable to lie?

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  1. Jamie says:

    Decision 2020, showed that many Jamaicans, who came out to the polls to vote were voting under a new norm. Even the personnels from the Electoral Office of Jamaica expressed this based on their lacluster way in which they worked within polling stations. Voters were intimidated both ways either by caronia virus or A corruot JLP led administration or an old PNP led administration with ideas that the youths don’t beleive will ever work for them. As far as many voters did they stayed home which lead to a low voter turn generally for the entire election. To top it off those who went to the polls were in two minds especually for in underprivilaged areas of our sociwty should I vote fair or ahould I sell my vote at all cost, not knowing that once you sell your vote that said politican owns you for the next 4 yrs and dosen’t have to do a darn thing for you. Yet still many are comfortable that the present government will remain in power despite it’a flaws but I save that for another time with a very week opposition who will not be able to continue the fight against corruption because Jamaicans love corruption at all cost. Need I say more, but we need to use or brains and not oh that’s my party and they end up treating you like a second citizen and feel good about it. Decision 2020 came and went and I am satisfied that I voted with sense, and took a lot lessons away from it, which says poor people can and will always be bought no matter what.


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