Emotional Rollercoaster

Dealing with emotional baggage is something truly hard to do.

Seeing how it affects your relationship with your children though makes you wonder if that’s even you.

You may not have the intention to hurt them,

You may not even want to scream or yell.

Dealing with emotional baggage is truly like an eternal hell.


Children were meant to be loved.

We were always to maintain that bond.

I was never suppose to show him I was weak.

He was never to feel the emotionally cut words I often speak.


Not to him of course,

I was never mean to him, I always show remorse.

But my mothering skills have been put to the test.

I have to learn how to do at all times what’s best.


i AM NOT PERFECT, i must confess,

But I am their mother and that privilege I will never forget.



Kristen Reynolds.

To my pair of thirties LEILS & LI my heart is always on my sleeves for you both to see.


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